About Us

Premium Cover is the specialty insurance division of Funk International Hungaria Kft. Premium Cover offers tailor-made, modern and innovative insurance solutions for unique needs and special life situations. We introduce specialty insurance products widely used in Western Europe and the United States to Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region. We monitor the development of needs through market research and advise our customers on the most cost-effective insurance solutions.

Premium Cover:

Individual needs,

Special cover

Premium Cover combines more than 30 years of experience in insurance, knowledge of the Hungarian market, and expertise in standard solutions in Western Europe. Our experience contributes to understanding the true nature of risks. We partner with the world's leading specialty insurers with high capital through our international network to deliver a reliable insurance programme that meets your needs. Our team members with language skills acquired abroad help the communication between Clients and insurers, aiding the contracting and claims settlement.

We care about our customers' satisfaction and safety, so we do business ethically and responsibly. In our work, we are committed to providing quality advice, insurance mediation and risk management in a client-centred way. Our professional background, solid approach, innovative solutions, and transparent operations guarantee this. We believe that our company values provide a strong foundation for building lasting partnerships.