Event Insurance

Organising events and activities accommodating large numbers of visitors is a significant investment of time and money. This investment can only be profitable if the event is successfully managed and attended by a sufficient number of visitors.

Face-to-face events such as sporting events, festivals, and concerts are subject to unpredictable circumstances. There is a risk that the event may have to be cancelled or postponed, or the number of visitors may not reach the desired number for external reasons beyond reasonable control.

What do we offer?

Premium Cover provides large-scale event organisers with comprehensive, tailored cover for the amount of investment and the loss of expected revenue:

Cancellation, postponement or abandonment of major events.
Reduction in the number of visitors due to adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, temperature, wind, lightning, storms).
Death, accident, illness or travel delay of a person critical to the success of the event and preventing them from attending (e.g. concert tours, festivals, theatre productions, featured performers).
Cover may also be extended to cover other events such as national mourning, acts of terrorism, biological and chemical weapons, war, civil unrest, strikes, and cyber attacks.

Who benefits?

Our services are available to organisers of the following types of events

Sporting events and competitions
Sporting events, sports events and competitions
Festivals, fairs and carnivals
Film and television premieres
Concerts and tours
Corporate and community events

How does it work?

We accurately assess our Client's needs and individual risks. Then we draw up a tailor-made insurance plan, which we introduce and agree on with our Client, and we will guide the contracting process. In case of a claim, we will help our Client to settle the claim with the insurer.
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