Sports insurance for Professional Athletes

Athletes are subject to extreme, physical and psychological stress, which increases the chances of injury.

A successful career can generate substantial income and savings, which can be used to support oneself or to start a new career post-retirement. However, a wrong move or foul by an opponent can lead to serious injuries that can temporarily interrupt or, in extreme cases, permanently put an end to a career in sport.

In the field of professional sport, according to the current rules of simplified public contribution (EKHO) taxation, sick pay in the event of an extended injury or illness is paid by the social security system. However, it is based on the minimum wage, which does not cover the actual loss of income, which is paid for by the clubs.

The insurance policies currently available in Hungary provide a small, one-off payment in the event of injury. These policies do not cover temporary disability or career termination due to permanent injury.

Premium Cover provides a financially secure solution if a professional athlete becomes temporary or permanently unable to work (due to injury or illness).

What do we offer?

In the case of temporary disability (an injury that takes longer to recover from than one month), an equivalent replacement of lost income.
In the case of permanent disability (due to injury or illness), compensation for the total loss of income due to career interruption.
Compensation for the athlete's market value in the event of accidental death.

Who could benefit?

Our solutions are tailored to each sport, and the different schemes are tailored to our Client's needs. Individual athletes, clubs, federations and associations can also insure themselves.

Suppose clubs cover their players in the event of a claim. In that case, the insurance will cover the financial loss incurred by the club due to the athlete's loss - this may include contractual obligations towards the player or the cost of finding a replacement. It provides financial protection for clubs with a contractual obligation to continue paying their athletes even if they cannot perform.

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Practical examples of permanent disability:

A basketball player is diagnosed with cancer during a routine check-up and is forced to retire. His insurance pays a lump sum to cover the income he would have earned if his career had not ended prematurely.

A player suffers a knee injury shortly after signing a contract with a new club. He could not fully recover, and the club could not enter him in matches, despite substantial transfer costs. The insurance provided compensation to the club up to the amount paid to the player.

Practical examples of temporary disability:

A water polo player is injured in a friendly match and consequently has to miss several lucrative competitions in which he had been successful. His insurance provides a monthly income until he can return to competing.

A footballer suffers a serious knee injury requiring ligament reconstruction. The insurance will cover the player's income until he recovers.

How does it work?

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We accurately assess our Client's needs and individual risks. Then we draw up a tailor-made insurance plan, which we introduce and agree on with our Client, and we will guide the contracting process. In case of a claim, we will help our Client to settle the claim with the insurer.
Should you wish to find out what we can offer you, please get in touch with us through our contact details or fill in the form below.

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